About Us

About Fayette County School Employees Credit UnionThe Fayette County School Employees Credit Union was founded by Mahlon Franks in February, 1939 and was charted as a state financial institution.

Our field of membership for many years included the employees and their immediate family members of the Fayette County schools. More recently, the credit union expanded its field of membership to any student of the Fayette County schools and their immediate family members.

Like all credit unions, we are a nonprofit financial cooperative owned by our members. Net income from the credit union operations is returned to our members in the form of low interest loans, quarterly dividends and updating services.

The Fayette County School Employees Credit Union is fully insured by NCUA, a federal government agency, up to $250,000.00.

Board of Directors

John Wilson, President
Linda Ruble, Vice President
Roy Fischer, Secretary/Treasurer
Claudia Tiberi, Assistant Secretary/Treasurer
Donald Santore, Board Member

Supervisory Committee

Ira Chrise, Chairman
Joann Maher
Thomas Riedman
Susan Jane Sandusky
Janet Jones